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Tieramid Pattern Cards

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Tieramid® Pattern Cards™
Basic Information
Kid tested -  Parent, Teacher and Therapist Approved.

Tieramid Pattern Cards are designed to captivate the imagination while sharpening mental agility. Each card has an image that represents a possible configuration of Tieramid blocks in 2-D or 3-D. The cards are designed in a tiered level of complication, from stages one through three, with translations for Spanish, French, German and Italian. The patterns range from the most basic tangram type animal shapes, to faces suggesting different emotional expressions, to the far more complex multi-layer three dimensional configurations. Ages 3 to adult.

Here are comments from industry experts:

"Thanks again for such a cool product. We need more things like this to foster the creativity of our children in the world of battery opperated this and that!"
- J. Arnold
  occupational therapist/parent

"A nice supplement to the blocks."
"Therapist can use them to build cognition and visual perception skills."
"Special Education Teachers wil find these helpful for the classrooms."

- C. Cruse
  occupational therapist/trainer & touring speaker

"Loving your Tieramid Cards. I stayed up one night til 1:30am!"
"Never knew there were so many possibilities as what you've done with the cards.
What a blast!"

- S. Wilkinson
  occupational therapist/trainer & touring speaker

“This spring we acquired a set of Tieramid Pattern Cards, and boy, were we excited!  I was very impressed with the relative number of designs included (48 in all), my now eight year old was sold on the title translations in French, German, Italian and Spanish, and my 12 year old artist constructed a few designs and remarked at how he had used his imagination to create some of them.  My three year old is enjoying the added benefit of the cards.  In fact, one day we used construction paper cut in the pattern of the shapes and made the ‘Elephant’ in a co-op class creating a very successful masterpiece to hang on our refrigerator gallery.
P.S.  My suggestion to parents would be to purchase a set or two (we have two) and after their child has played with the blocks for a good period of time (a couple of months) they can introduce the design cards.  I am sure they will be surprised that just by freely playing with the blocks any child can use his imagination to create some of the same designs on the cards.  Don’t let this stop you from using the cards, though.  Even with the very creative and visual spatial learners in our home school, there were many designs that we had not discovered…at least, not yet.”
-   A.D.S.
    home schooling parent

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